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Latitude - Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad is a program developed to promote the internationalization of Brazil's contemporary art market. Created in 2007, the program now has 48 galleries in the primary market, located in seven Brazilian states, representing more than 1000 contemporary artists.

Since 2011, Latitude is a partnership between ABACT (Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) with the objective of creating business opportunities for the sector abroad, mainly through activities for professional training, support for international placement and cultural and commercial promotion.

The program has evolved and grown over these nine years of operation and indicators demonstrating this development are listed below.

- The number of Latitude members has grown from 5 to 48. The most innternationalized and professionalized Brazilian galleries are part of Latitude. The group is constantly welcoming newcomers and renewing its activities in order to meet the diverse demands of its members;

- To engage this new public just beginning the internationalization process, the activities developed have become more diverse and complex, considering the different needs of the galleries according to what phase they are in. Currently, Latitude offers participating galleries a sophisticated program of more than seven modes of activities (learn more);

- The volume of exports of Latitude galleries has grown significantly since the project's implementation in 2007. In the first year of the project's existence, the export volume of its member galleries was US$ 6mi. In 2015, it reached a peak of nearly US$ 70mi. This figure doubles that achieved in 2014 and exceeds the previous record of USD 51mi accumulated in 2013;

- Latitude galleries account for a significant and growing portion of exports. Considering Brazil's art market as a whole, Latitude galleries were responsible for 42% of the total volume of exports in 2017;

- Since April 2011 (when ABACT became responsible for the Project together with Apex-Brasil), 48 activities in over 26 different art fairs have taken place. In these occasions, approximately 300 instances of support were granted to Latitude galleries;

- Since 2012, six Sectorial Studies have taken place with data based on the primary art market. Click here to see the complete publications;

- Approximately 250 international guests were brought to Brazil for 23 editions of the Art Immersion Trips.

Brazil is experiencing a moment of great global visibility and this is reflected in the art market. There is a great interest in the domestic market on the part of international galleries. At the same time, there is much receptiveness on the part of foreign institutions and collections to production from Brazil. Faced with this dynamic and challenging scenario, Latitude intends to intensify its program to train and professionalize galleries of small and medium size and consolidate the presence of large galleries in important global markets.