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Anna Costa e Silva's new work "For someone who is listening to me"back

“For someone who is listening to me” is an artistic proposition of virtual correspondences (video letters) that has confinement as a starting point for exchanges and affections between people who do not know each other. The work operates as a contemporary version of “messages in the bottle”, which opens gaps for intimate contact on a one-to-one scale, through the technologies available in 2020.

Directed by Anna Costa e Silva, and co-created with Ana Abbott, Luciana Novak, Maria Clara Contrucci and Nanda Félix, the experience begins with an open call, in which anyone can sign up to receive a video message directly in their email. Each of the 5 performers wrote a letter to an unknown person, talking about their feelings, pains and crossings during this period, and inviting the recipients to respond, also by video, about what they are feeling and perceiving. From then on, an exchange of video letters begins, always in the private sphere, which can last until the end of the confinement, or even when they want to.

Exploring surrealism, anguish, strangeness, and dreams that this new daily life imposes on us, the project creates a suspended space-time for conversation between two people. An experience of proximity in times of distance, which operates somewhere between reality and fiction, and blurs the boundaries between art and life, public and private, performer and spectator.



"For someone who is listening to me"
To participate, write to or
+55 21 99406-9009



Direction and creation: Anna Costa e Silva.
Creation and performance: Ana Abbott, Nanda Félix, Luciana Novak, Maria Clara Contrucci and Anna Costa e Silva.
Production: Gabriel Bortolini and Luiz Schinaviato — Reprodutora