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Anna Maria Maiolino at SCAD Museum of Artback

The SCAD Museum of Art presents a major survey exhibition of work by Anna Maria Maiolino, a renowned São Paulo-based artist. Maiolino’s life path informs much of her work. The Italian-born artist emigrated to the U.S. and Venezuela before ultimately establishing herself in Brazil, where she has become one of the most significant and accomplished artists in the country.

Maiolino works in various mediums including drawing, printmaking, poetry, film, performance, installation, and sculpture. In her artistic practice, seemingly simple, primal gestures, such as drawing erratic lines or forming balls of clay, become complex and articulated meditations on the power of actions. Her artworks are organic and poetic, masterfully delving into the acts of creation and destruction to reveal elements of intimacy and domesticity.

'Por um fio' (By a Thread) presents a wide range of the artist’s works from 1972 to the present, including a specially commissioned large-scale work from her acclaimed series 'Terra Modelada'. Taking its title from a photographic work from 1976 that depicts the artist, her mother, and her daughter literally joined by a thread, the exhibition highlights both formal and conceptual notions of interconnectedness in a deliberate attempt to emphasize humanity, empathy, nourishment, and deprivation as integral elements of her practice.

"Por um fio", by Anna Maria Maiolino (represented by Galeria Luisa Strina)
SCAD Museum of Art
On show until August 9th