Infografia del Aprendizaje, el Despliege de los Martinat

07.06 a 14.07 /2017

Locale: Galeria de Arte Patricia Ready

Country: Chile

The work of the twins as they are described, José Carlos and José Luis, has been exhibited in important spaces in Latin America, Europe and the United States, and is part of large collections such as Tate and MOMA. Although they are geographically separated, José Carlos lives and works between Mexico and Lima, while José Luis in Gottemburg, Sweden, the idea of ​​creating a work between them was going around for more than ten years, as they themselves say "The works that we do, each independently, are very different, but there is almost always a common starting point and I think it is these coincidences that leads us to want to do something together. " For this work started from regional problems present in most Latin American countries: "We are united by a history of oppression and repression." That will be reflected in a huge installation that will occupy the main hall of the gallery based on a field of canine installation and in which figures of dogs, eagles and condors are mixed in a clear allusion to concepts of power and control. It is a striking, repressive and castrating space, which will be monitored by two large sculptures representing agaves in whose leaves are printed texts that govern advertising, education and political propaganda among other areas that according to artists manipulate the masses to through fear.

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