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Via Thoreyback

Via Thorey

Via Thorey is a Contemporary Art Gallery dedicates to exhibits well-known artists, with national and international careers in the art market and also to promote new talents with a sensible production.

It was built in multiple spaces, in a way to receive many types of cultural and artistic projects, helping to be place of exhibitions, lectures and short workshops in an independent room. It also contributes in the formation of private collections and in the participation in art fairs and relevant institutional projects to the society.

The gallery is set up in Vitoria, Espírito Santo, since 2008 and became a platform for cultural spread, in order to improve the debates about Contemporary Art and in the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

Amilcar de Castro
Ana Ruas
Cristhina Bastos
Érica Kaminishi
Ernesto Bonato
Fernando Augusto
Jorge dos Anjos
Nicolas Soares
Regina Chulam
Rodrigo de Castro
Tatiana Stropp
Valéria Weber

Rua Alberto Bela Rosa, 70
Pontal de Camburi
Vitória - ES - Brazil

  • ARCOmadrid 2019

    Through a partnership between the Associação Brasileira de Arte ...

    26.02 a 03.03 /2019