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Simone Cadinelli Arte Contemporâneaback

Simone Cadinelli Arte Contemporânea

Envisioned by the collector Simone Cadinelli, the gallery began in 2016 promoting the exhibition of artists who were starting to launch their careers. In 2018 the concept was reformulated and became Simone Cadinelli Arte Contemporânea, inaugurating her new physical space in a house from the 1970s in Ipanema.

Its purpose is to promote contemporary art through a diversified program, with exhibitions of rising artists represented by the gallery, workshops and talks. The gallery represents artists from different generations, providing the experimentation of the infinite possibilities of looks, speeches, and polarities that involve Contemporary Art.

Claudio Tobinaga
Leandra Espírito Santo
Roberta Carvalho
Tiago Sant’Ana

Rua Aníbal de Mendonça, 171
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil