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Boiler Galeria

The Boiler Gallery is a contemporary art space establishing their relations with the public through exhibitions, performing actions, speeches, lectures and other activities aimed at articulating the artistic scene of the city. We work primarily with local artists, both emerging and established which culminates in a variety of repertoires, techniques and expressions in our collection.

With three of existence, we participated in the most important art fairs in Brazil such as Sp-Arte and Art Rio and we took a place in the market of relevance and accessibility with our public.

We believe that collecting work can be possible from a more accessible and possible posture for the buyer and the gallery. We have in mind that this conscious acquisition is made from a curation is very important for the artist because he has a solid investment in his career and also to be later thought a work of conservation and memory of the work. Important key in the history of art.

adriana tabalipa
cintia ribas
érica storer
felipe scandelari
Filipe Lippe
fernando moleta
gabriel paulst
gustavo francesconi
janete anderman
lidia ueta
livia fontana
maikel da maia
maya weishof
thalita hamaoui

Al. Presidente Taunay, 314
Curitiba - PR - Brazil

  • Pinta Miami 2018
    05.12 a 09.12 /2018  Locale: Midtown Miami - Wynwood  Estados Unidos

  • ArtRio 2018
    27.09 a 30.09 /2018  Locale: Marina da Glória  Brasil

    ArtRio 2018 will be held from September 27th to 30th ...

  • Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

    From December 4th through 9th, 2018, Miami welcomed artists, curators ...

    04.12 a 09.12 /2018