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55SP has as its principle to spread contemporary art by stimulating modern “collectionism” as well as by building the relationship between the buyer and art and artistic production. To make this a reality, we work by promoting new and consolidated artists and producing —with the support of curators—limited editions and exclusive works.

Our collection extends to publications, objects, sculptures, sound art such as vinyl records and other media, focusing on new collecting, but always with the concern of curation and authenticity.

We have as partners galleries and publishers on the national and international art circuit.

Since 2015, 55SP has been acting as an online platform, now it occupies a space for projects in Santa Cecília houses exhibitions, performances, releases of sound editions and courses.

Our projects include various formats: exhibitions, performances, occupations. All of which can happen exclusively online, in the gallery or even in common spaces.

Arjan Martins

Afonso Tostes

Allan Sieber

Alvaro Seixas

Amélia Toledo

André Damião

Brian Eno

Bruno Baptistelli

Bruno Palazzo


Caio Reisewitz


Carlito Carvalhosa

Carlos Vergara

Charming Baker

Chelpa Ferro

Chiara Banfi

Claudio Tozzi

Daniel Barclay

Daniel de Paula

Daniel Senise

Dave Buonaguidi

David Shrigley

Ding Musa

Dora Longo Bahia

Emanuel Nassar


Fabia Schnoor

Fabio Morais

Felipe Raizer

Franz Weissmann

Gabriella Garcia

Geoff Hargadon

Gui Morelli

Gustavo Amaral

Hugo Frasa

Iran do Espirito Santo

Janaina Tschape

Joe Webb

Jose Bechara

Judith Lauand

Juliana Kase

Keila Alver

Kleber Matheus

Lenora de Barros

Leon Ferrari

Lucia Koch

Luiz Zerbini

Marcelo Catalano

Marcelo Cidade

Marcius Galan

Marcone Moreira

Marcos Chaves

Maria Laet

Mauricio Ianês

Mauro Restiffe

Mônica Nador

Montez Magno

Mr Brainwash

Nuno Ramos

Paulo Bega

Paulo Nimer Pjota

Paulo Vivacqua

Patrick Thomas

Peter Blake

Peter Saville

Raul Mourão

Ricardo Alcaide

Rodrigo Marques

Sara Pope

Sarah Hardacre

The Connor Brothers


Tinta Preta

Vicente de Mello

Vik Muniz

Rua Barão de Tatuí, 377
Santa Cecília
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

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