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Art Immersion Trip - visit to Inhotim

Art Immersion Trip - visit to Inhotim

Art Immersion Trip

Latitude brought to Brazil in partnership with SP-Arte, 17 international guests for a schedule of 5 days in São Paulo and Inhotim. Most of these guests came to Brazil for the first time thanks to this opportunity. The group’s profile was comprised of curators, institution directors and critics from France, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, the United States and Hong Kong.

During their stay, they had the opportunity to see the São Paulo International Art Fair (SP-Arte), institutions, architectural landmarks and some independent spaces. Besides meeting gallery owners, curators, directors of local institutions and artists.


Abaseh Mirvali - Independent curator - Iranian, works in Mexico, Turkey and Germany

Adrienne Drake - Director and curator at Fondazione Giuliani - British, works in Italy

Aileen Corkery - Art consultant - Irish, works in the UK

Andrea Viliani - Director at Madre Museum - Italian

Barbara Kutscher - Journalist at Handelsblatt - German, works in the USA

Beatrice Josse - Director and Curator at FRAC Lorraine - French

Beverly Adams - Curator of the Blanton Museum of Art - American

Chris Sharp - Independent curator - American, works in Mexico

Douglas Fogle - Independent curator - American

Fanni Fetzer - Director at Kunstmuseum Luzern - Swiss

Giovanni Carmine - Director at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen - Swiss

Hanneke Skerath - Independent curator - Belgian, works in the USA

Kevin McGarry - Freelance journalist - American

Magnolia de la Garza - Independent curator - Mexican

Milovan Farronato - Curator of the Fiorucci Art Trust - Italian, works in the UK

Pauline Yao - Curator at M+ - American, works in Hong Kong

Vanessa Davidson - Curator of Latin American art at the Phoenix Art Museum - American


“I enjoyed the trip immensely. I found the activities well planned and expertly organized. The weather was absolutely perfect and the schedule, while quite packed, was somewhat generous with free time and meals that could be planned individually. All amenities such as bus, hotel and so on were well organized and of good quality.” Pauline Yao

“I got the sense during my stay that the galleries are really working together to create a stable platform of activity, both a cultural and economic investment, and the promotion of Brazilian artists. I do think it will eventually be necessary for both the galleries and the institutions to incorporate a more international approach to the selection of artists represented and exhibited so that contemporary Brazilian artists are inserted into an international discourse.” Adrienne Drake

“This was my first in depth experience with contemporary Brazilian art, even though I had met Brazilian galleries at fairs in Miami and New York. I was very impressed with the Latitude initiative.” Barbara Kutscher


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